VIP Escort


Experience counts when dealing with Executive Protection and Special Security Teams for VIP Escorting to and from a venue. You can't just have a group of security officers do the job, they have to work as a team. American Central Force Protection Teams use our former law enforcement officers in key positions, if not the whole team (based on the needs) and they bring the experience.

Any team must practice and run drills to anticipate potential threats and to have a strategy and plan of action to react to those issues and threats should they arise. American Central Force Protection Teams drill and practice so their movements and interactions are seamless.

Each Team Leader has an assigned set of protocols to follow and they interact and support the other teams involved, controlling driving routes, checking traffic patterns and having detour plans and alternate routes factored into the operations.

Contact Us to arrange for the VIP treatment for your Executive or celebrity attending your function, event, gala or night on the town.