Uniformed Armed & Unarmed Security Personnel

American Central Force Protection offers fully licensed and trained security personnel to patrol and control access to your school property, community, business center, retail center and house of worship.

We also offer a full array of patrol vehicles in both gas, hybrid and electric formats and platforms.

All vehicles are brightly lit and boldly marked to make them stand out and have the bad guys think twice about entering an American Central Force Protection Patrolled property.

American Central Force Protection unlike many other companies does not just take someone from the street and put them in a position of control where their inexperience can compromise the security of your property.

Instead we are selective and recruit and hire former law enforcement and military veterans to fill our ranks where possible. Then we screen them with interviews and background checks on a local, state and federal level through our internal investigators and then through the FBI National Crime Data Computer including fingerprint and facial recognition systems before they are fully hired.


Gunshot Detection - Self-Powered CCTV - "Sky-Dome" Drone Defensive Systems

American Central Force Protection is cutting edge with our performance selection of Active Shooter, Security Defensive and Intrusion Countermeasure Systems.

Our Security Consultants have read the headlines, seen the reports and researched ways to offer our clients the best of the technologies on the market today to protect their properties and to increase public safety through the useful integration of human and electronic technologies and innovations.

To that end American Central Force Protection Services Technology Division has gathered and now represents a myriad of technologies that bring to bear the best on the market. Our consultants have invested hundreds of hours in research in our quest to offer the most value for the investment and the highest increase of public safety through and in direct proportion to these technologies being applied at office buildings, schools, houses of worship, marinas and wherever else is deemed vulnerable to attack or intrusion by anyone in person or using a device to damage property or injury to persons through acts of terror or malice.



Executive Protection Teams VIP/Escort Protection Team

Experience counts when dealing with Executive Protection and Special Security Teams for VIP Escorting to and from a venue. You can't just have a group of security officers do the job, they have to work as a team. American Central Force Protection Teams use our former law enforcement officers in key positions, if not the whole team (based on the needs) and they bring the experience.

Any team must practice and run drills to anticipate potential threats and to have a strategy and plan of action to react to those issues and threats should they arise. American Central Force Protection Teams drill and practice so their movements and interactions are seamless.

Each Team Leader has an assigned set of protocols to follow and they interact and support the other teams involved, controlling driving routes, checking traffic patterns and having detour plans and alternate routes factored into the operations.

Contact Us to arrange for the VIP treatment for your Executive or celebrity attending your function, event, gala or night on the town.


Investigation / Vehicle Foresics / Cyber Security

Keeping up with the increased integration of technology into our day-to-day lives American Central Force Protection recognizes this and so does its Investigation Unit. Lead by Mike Kassa through agency license A1600242 our Private Investigator in Orlando and Michigan, team leaders and their crew work tirelessly to gather, solve and report their findings to our clients with discretion and professionalism.

Our are experts in

  • Corporate Security
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Legal Investigation/Litigation Prep
  • Employment / Tenant Background Check
  • Vehicle Forensics
  • Cyber Security Breaches¬† / Virus Attacks
  • Missing Persons / Skip Tracing
    • and more....

Contact one of our Investigators now to help you with your investigation needs.



ACFP Notary

Notary Public - State of Florida

Several members of American Central Force Protection are Appointed Notary Public by the Governor of the State of Florida.

  • Oath and Acknowledgement
  • Signature Verification/Notarization
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Verification
  • Photocopy Attest and Certification
  • Safe Deposit Box Content Certification
  • other Notary Services not listed may be available based on the Notary's preferences. All Notary Services are logged and documented in accordance with Florida Notary Accepted Practices and Laws of the State of Florida.

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