Patrolling your property to look for safety hazards, unauthorized access or activities, parking violations, abandoned cars, HOA violations and code enforcement infractions is performed daily by our officers to insure your property is safe, property maintained and your rules and bylaws adhered to as directed.

American Central Force Protection Officers are highly trained and come from law enforcement or military backgrounds.

Our team has hands on experience in global hot spots and under stress conditions that make their qualifications exceed their domestic assignments.

Let our private security consultants develop a program for you that one of our specialty teams can fulfill and protect you and your family and property.

SIR TEAM is the best of our Security Professionals, sworn protectors who pledge their utmost efforts to the completion of their mission and to uphold the ideals of security and safety above all. Their oath is similar of that of a Knight and they have adopted that sense of loyalty. Each squad of knights has chosen a color banner to follow their Knight Commander who leads their team with precision and efficiency to minimize danger to the team and or the mission.

Each Knight Commander is a specialist in a particular duty in the response or tactic needed and their team of knights drill and practice for their call to duty.

American Central Force Protection serves the interests of our clients in all 50 states and it's corporate offices are based out of Orlando Florida.

Contact us to see what we can do to create a solution to your security and protection issues.

Alabama, Massachusetts, New Mexico, South Dakota, Idaho, Michigan, New York, Tennessee, Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Utah, California, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Vermont, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Oklahoma, Virginia, Connecticut, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, Delaware, Louisiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina and Wyoming.

Checking IDs at your gatehouse and screening those that want access to your property is one of the many types of services we provide.


American Central Force Protection offers only the finest in Private Security Services offers Unarmed and Armed Security Officers as a fully licensed security guard company. We adhere to all state and local licensing, insurance and training standards for all areas that we operate.

American Central Force Protection Agents will take you to and from your destination swiftly and safely as we have done for dozens of others.

As your ACFP Security Consultant how we can help you!

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Armed Security Services

Peace of mind that your family, your neighborhood and community are safe, it's our goal, our mission, our calling

Patrol Services

American Central Force Protection provides security patrol services to various industries and customers; which acts as a visible deterrent helping to reduce theft, vandalism, and ensuring your safety and peace of mind. ACFP maintains its fleet of vehicles to the highest standards so that the vehicles are ready to respond in the event of an emergency. All vehicles are clearly marked and brightly lit so they are easily identifiable when you are seeking help.  Our security patrol officers, whether on foot, bicycle, or roving vehicle, are trained to spot 'out of the ordinary' disturbances, which in many cases will proactively prevent problems before they occur.

Whatever your security needs are American Central Force Protection can meet and exceed your expectations.

Service Types Provided

  • Foot Patrol / Walking Patrol and hands-on verification of secured doors and access points
  • Bicycle Patrol / Electric Scooter Patrol to have quick response and patrol in areas too tight or indoors where carts are not able to access.
  • Vehicle Patrol for larger area coverage - 4x4 and off-road vehicles available for rural accounts.
  • CCTV Patrol - Visual Patrol through the integration of human and electronic systems of monitoring your property to increase the effectiveness and deterrence of criminals through a security presence.
  • Emergency Response Situations - expedited medical calls
  • Coordination-with Local Law Enforcement Local and International (Interpol)
  • Parking Lot Inspection and high-visibility patrols to increase awareness and reduce hazards
  • Fire and Safety Watch Services
  • First Aid - CPR Services EMT/Paramedic medical officers are available to be assigned to your site.
  • Alarm Response
  • Facility Inspection: Access, Gates, Offices, Pools, Fitness, Laundry Room
  • GPS Tour System, Incident Reporting, Tour Reports, Electronic Filing
  • Patrol and visit verification through GPS Guard Tour system
  • Real Time Reporting and Site Photo capability

Markets Served

  • Office Complexes - Technology Campus
  • Multi-Family Residential - Gated Communities
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Uniformed Security Officers

Private Security Services

ACFP offers Uniformed Unarmed Security Officers dressed cleanly and professionally to provide your employees, guests, residents, clients and shoppers a feeling of safety and ease knowing that ACFP is present and vigilant in their duties of monitoring all the access and other activities on your property.

American Central Force Protection

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