We have seen the headlines and our hearts sink every time we hear of another tragic loss of life at a school, church, business. We go into "What If?" mode:

  • What if American Central Force Protection had been called in to instruct the students, clergy or staff on the Run-Hide-Fight or ALICE techniques of defending against the shooter?
  • What if American Central Force Protection had installed the EAGL Gunshot Detection System to enhance their CCTV and feed real-time intel to the first responders and reduced the response time on finding the shooter's location and directed a Reaction Team or SWAT to the threat quicker and saved more lives?
  • What if American Central Force Protection had it's Security Officers on campus of the school, church or business center to be there and able to save lives by getting to the threat and neutralizing the threat as quickly as possible?
  • What if the shooter knew all these measures were in place and decided to go somewhere else?


  • The only way to know is to have American Central Force Protection deploy all of its available arsenal of defensive systems to protect the lives of those innocents!