Meet the Team

The American Central Force Protection owners and administration team are much more than a group of people, we treat it more like a family group with a common goal of exceeding our client's expectations. This group of like minded individuals create a resource of security services and products that create a safe environment and offer peace of mind!

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    Melissa Jordan

    President / General Manager

    Melissa brings vast experience and exceptional organizational skills to ACFP. Melissa has been involved in the security industry for more than a decade and oversees the operation.

    Melissa has been consulting in security protocols, operations and logistics for almost two decades. Now Melissa is taking the company to the next level with acquisitions of two smaller firms in 2019 and increasing and improving the reach and influence under her leadership. 

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    Kevin Jordan

    Co-President and Director of Cyber and Physical Security Services

    After graduating the academy in 1990 and was licensed under the Florida Department of State Division of Professional Licensing in February 1991.

    Kevin has worked in all levels of the industry starting from Patrol, K9 Officer, Supervisor up to Regional, District and Branch Manager and eventually co-owner.

    In 2006 Melissa and Kevin opened Central Force Protection which he merged into ASE Security with Faustino "Tino" McKamey in 2010. In 2015 the American Central Force Protection was reopened as the culmination of all the previous companies under one brand.

    Throughout his career Kevin has held clearances from Secret Service and Diplomatic Security that has placed him with Presidents and Heads of State protection teams integrated with agents and as liaison of the venue as the local expert on the physical facility and ingress/egress methods. He has also lead protection teams for Federal and State Senators and Representatives, Governors, Astronauts, Major Athletes, Corporate CEOs and even the His Holiness the 49th Dalia Lama of Tibet.

    Kevin has been field deputized by the US Marshal Service and the First District Court of Appeals as a Court Marshal when the Court uses a venue as a courthouse and hears real cases

    Kevin has also been the Security Director/Manager at major events throughout the country such as Sr. Security Consultant for:

    • AFCEA / US Army Winter Symposium
    • AFCEA Land War Net
    • ACFEA Biometrics Showcase
    • Airborne Law Enforcement Expo
    • Disney AAU National Girls Volleyball Championships
    • YBOA International Basketball Championships
    • New Haven Tennis Open at Yale University
    • Sony Ericsson Tennis Open at Biscayne Miami
    • Art Basil Miami Art Show with over a billion dollars in art works on display.
    • SAFE - Airline Safety Equipment and Survival Expo
    • Miami International Yacht & Boat Show
    • Miami International Auto Show
    • Orlando Boat Show
    • SURF Expo
    • and many more.....

    In response to the increasing incidents of Active Shootings in our country with the nightclub here in Orlando and other incidents nationally, Kevin sought out technology that American Central Force Protection can offer greater public safety and increased intelligence for law enforcement when arriving on the scene giving peace of mind as they approach an active incident.

    Over the years Kevin has also aligned with other service providers to be able to offer clients anywhere across the country a level of service to exceed their expectations.

    Even with all this growth, Kevin has always maintained that we must never loose the focus that even though American Central Force Protection has National Ability we must maintain our mindset of providing it with Local Attention. American Central Force Protection personnel strive toward that objective to provide attention to each client as if they are our only client and not just another account.

  • Paul-McKamey-300x220

    Paul McKamey

    VP - Chief Uniformed Patrol Division

    Paul brings decades of Law Enforcement, Executive Security and Private Investigation experience to American Central Force Protection with more than 24 years in Law Enforcement, 22 of it Investigations and 11 in US Navy Military Police.

    Today Paul heads up the Uniformed Patrol Division which offers Security Officers to our clientele. His office ensures that new qualified accounts are receiving the services they requested at their property and the Patrol Supervisors are maintaining the high standards of American Central Force Protection mission.

    With his law enforcement background Paul has liaison with private schools and government agencies looking for the mix of Security Officers and Security Technology to enhance the security countermeasures to protect against Active Shooters and Active Assailant scenarios on their campus or property.

    Here to serve, Paul invites you to reach out and allow us to help improve and increase your Public Safety Program.

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  • Kareem-Campbell-2-square

    Kareem Campbell, MBA CPM

    Business Development Manager /VP Community Outreach  / Corporate Philanthropic Project Manager

    When not developing new clients to go under contract with American Central Force Protection Services, Kareem is highly involved in our local and international communities through our chosen charity Redemption Song a 501(3)c with dedication to helping end homelessness and hunger worldwide.

    Kareem elicits the help of those drawn to serve and protect others like law enforcement, security officers and former military to aid in the protection of those who can't or can't afford to protect themselves by setting up a method of collecting safety and lifesaving equipment to help families and individuals protect themselves at home and on the job.

    Through the charity the collection of bulletproof vests for security guards to wear at work in higher risk job-sites, self-activated fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for houses, apartments and trailer homes.

    Kareem is also overseeing programs coffee break stations when volunteers give coffee to drivers along the highway to reduce fatigue and car accidents by promoting alert drivers, swimming lessens where children learn to swim and save themselves in water accidents or teaching kids to ride bikes and other fun activities.

    Our "No-Texting and Driving Program" to encourage drivers of all ages to put down the cell phones and other devices avoiding distracted driving accidents and saving lives!

    These are just some examples of the projects Kareem is managing and how he is representing the common interests of our organizations and people in general who need a way to unite in message and voice.

  • Rich Porter

    Rich Porter

    Business Development Manager

    Using his extensive Law Enforcement background, Rich has the expertise to set up comprehensive security programs and protocols for businesses and communities that are experiencing issues and crisis with crime and other concerns.

    With his knowledge and approach he has created security approaches that have greatly enhanced the experiences to the positive of residents, business owners and customer patrons of our client business centers and communities who no longer have concerns going to and from their offices or houses at any hour of the day or night. Through the creative melding of human and electronic security Rich and his teams have addressed the issues and implemented solutions that are cost effective and easily managed.

  • Sunny-Turner-2-261x300

    Debra "Sunny" Turner

    Regional Partner / Southern Florida

    Former owner of Turner Security Services in Fort Lauderdale, Sunny merged her company in with American Central Force Protection in 2015. Sunny knows Kevin so well because he worked for Sunny at Turner Security on the side as an "On Call" Officer for Special Events and Executive Protection Teams in the early 2000's and when she was ready to merge into a larger operation she reached out to Kevin to discuss uniting the two companies and expanding service to south and central Florida.

    Sunny has decades of experience having worked in Law Enforcement and in the Public and Private School System as well as the Park Ranger Services.

    As a liaison between the client and company her skills at communications and diplomacy are put to work to exceed our client's expectations daily.

  • Neal-Kaplan-2-square

    Neal Kaplan

    VP Corporate Training and Compliance

    Neal is an educator by profession having worked many years in the schools system as a teacher and then a principal.

    Currently Neal is certified through the State of Florida as a Class "D" Unarmed Security Officer Instructor, teaching and certifying new students as qualified candidates to become licensed Unarmed Security Officers within the guidelines of Florida Statute Chapter 493. Neal has taught at the Walt Disney Security Officer Academy as well as at the American Academy of Security Education in Orlando.

    Among Neal's other duties is to remain current in the accepted national training programs and to update our local curriculum to meet or exceed that standard.

  • ACFP Cyber Thief

    Green Knight

    Green Knight, VP Cyber Security Division / Network Systems Analyst

    Green Knight has decades of experience in the cyber world and has seen the changes that today's viruses and hackers pose to the modern individual and worse, to a company, city, state or federal government's cyber network and identity.
    Hackers have targeted and successfully shut down, airports, hospitals, civic centers, sports arenas.
    Reinforcing or installing countermeasures, firewalls and other methods are employed to thwart or stave off an attacks.
    Through system integration, human, electronic and cyber systems, American Central Force is your partner in protection from attacks launched against you and against your business or organization.
    Tell us your issues and we will assemble a team of professionals to make changes and install safeguards to protect and recover any areas affected.
    Contact one of our Cyber Agents now for immediate assistance.
  • Black Team

    Black Knight

    VP Tactical Operations / High Risk Team Leader
    Private Investigator

  • ACFP K9

    Blue Knight

    Blue Knight is the K9 Special Services Leader coordinating all the logistical needs of the various assignments of the K9 Units ranging from scanning schools, churches, business centers, hotels, hosptials and governmental centers for explosive devices or drugs and paraphernalia, to Search and Rescue Teams traveling across the country helping rescue or locate people in need of saving.

    Blue Knight is very much plugged into the ongoing needs of the community and the country at large, keeping a focus on where our services are needed most and sending the best trained and highest quality K9 Teams to render aid and do the utmost in protecting the public.

  • Red Wrap FireGuard

    Red Knight

    Red Knight VP Technology Applications

    Red Knight is charged with keeping the company on the cutting edge by identifying new tech that is introduced into the security industry and seeing of its application is a benefit for ACFP to offer and ACFP clients to utilize.

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