realtor Safety

In today's world we need to consider every scenario when it comes to our safety. So many times we needlessly expose ourselves to dangers in the normal activities of our day and in the performance of our duties.

Realtors are professionals that often place themselves in a vulnerable state by showing a property to a potential client while alone and with a meeting with a complete stranger that they cannot vet or perform a background check in advance.

There have been attacks and even murders of Realtor Agents when showing a property and find they are alone in an empty house or condo, giving opportunity to those with bad intent.

American Central Force Protection offers short term and as needed security services that can help you not to be alone. With a 4-hour minimum booking, we can provide you with a Plain-Clothed or Uniformed Security Officer who will meet you at the property and remain there until your client has gone to ensure your safety. During open houses, our Security Officer can even assist by logging visitors or handing out pamphlets to make their true purpose less obvious.

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