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American Central Force Protection offering Unarmed and Armed Security Officers and all Private Security services to solve your security needs!

In order to create a team of private security officers that provide security officer services for your specific needs, ACFP painstakingly reviews and trains its personnel to the highest standards and then assigns them to locations where the individual fits into the team. Just like the parts of a fine timepiece all the pieces must mesh properly in order to function efficiently.

We give priority to all veterans who are seeking to enter the private security industry. Our Vets make excellent security officer material because each Vet knows their new role in Security Service offers a chance to continue to serve the US public and private sector security service.

Based in Central Florida's City Beautiful Orlando since 2005 American Central Force Protection provides private security services has the experience in both Management and Staff to provide you with a security team that knows how to provide armed security officers and patrols that will monitor your property and protect your family and business

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