Gunshot Detection


American Central Force Protection - Emergency Automated Gunshot & Lockdown (EAGL) System

American Central Force Protection sought out the best technology to protect and enhance Public safety and we found a few year ago that EAGL is a fully automated active shooter response system that is far beyond other systems. EAGL uses science developed by the Department of Energy to analyze waveform and energy level to discern a firearm has been discharged and to prevent false alarms. EAGL has the ability through its AI to determine the caliber of weapon being discharged and to discern its location on the campus. Furthermore it can differentiate if another weapon is fired to indicate if a second shooter is present, something other systems cannot.

This zero false read DUAL VALIDATION TECHNOLOGY will automatically lock down soft target areas within seconds. The building layout shows the shooter location with ballistic data and immediately notifies law enforcement and other emergency responders through email and text messages.

EAGL can also integrate with facility access control, live streaming IP cameras, public address, mass communication, and local emergency notification systems. These functions are performed, automatically and autonomously, all within seconds of a detected threat event.


The EAGL Gunshot Detection System is capable of running parallel to your existing system or integrated seamlessly so the two enhance each other.

The expediency of "real-time" information to First Responders is vital to minimizing the neutralization of the threat from the shooter(s). Having EAGL working in concert with your CCTV and Access Control Systems will fortify your campus or facility offering extra layers of protection to your students, congregants, staff and employees at your business, school or house of worship.

In today's day and age where active shooter incidents are sadly, almost commonplace in the news, doesn't it make sense to deploy every form of protection and defense that you can to safeguard human lives, especially children?

Please contact an American Central Force Security Consultant now to have a study of your facility done to see where this and other programs can increase public safety and save lives!