Green Team / Community Outreach

Cameron, LA 11-17-05
FEMA Base camp workers chow down in the tent chow hall.
FEMA Base Camps are used when there are no other resources to house FEMA & emergency workers... in this case the nearest lodging if you can find a room is 70 miles away on rural roads.

Green Team / Community Outreach is a group of specialists that go into an area where the threats are removed or minimal and assist in the "return to normal" life in the aftermath of a disaster or incident.

They offer information on FEMA Services and other organizations that can help in the restoration of neighborhoods and to things as they were "before".

Green Team members also give their time and effort in the saving of lives through setting up roadside coffee and refreshment stations during heavy holiday travel weekends offering coffee to drivers along major highways to reduce drowsy driving and offering a quick pick-me-up for drivers to stop, get refreshments and then resume their travels with their sense of awareness revived and making them safer travelers. These sites don't charge the drivers for the coffee and refreshments and operate on donations.

Green Team also collects new and unused stuffed animals to give to children after an incident or disaster to offer them something to hug and cling to as they move from anxiety to a sense of comfort and calm as they process the situation.

Please contact us if you or your organization would like to donate through our favorite charity who can offer you tax deductions for your participation and generosity.