American FireGuard Extinguisher System

Red Wrap FireGuard

This self-activated Fire Extinguisher is always on guard against a fire outbreak in its area.

The American Fire Guard is designed to be ready to react in case of flame or heat over 875' F.

Simply mount or place the American Fire Guard on the wire rack / shelf included with each unit, installed near a potential source of heat or fire. Typical placement suggestions, kitchen near the stove, laundry room near the dryer, the garage or store room where motorized equipment like the lawn mower or ATV is kept. Then the American Fire Guard is on duty with no batteries to change, no moving parts to rust or corrode and a shelf-life of 15 years!

15-years Shelf-Life!

Each American Fire Guard contains the same type of ingredients found in a typical ABC canister that are common in homes and businesses with vital improvement, you don't have to be there!

The American Fire Guard is self-activated and when touched by flame or triggered by heat over 800' F, the extinguisher reacts automatically and disperses the dry extinguisher powder in every direction with enough material and force to cover over 1000 cubic feet. That's the same as a 10 by 10 room like your kitchen or laundry room!

The powder snuffs out the fire within seconds, greatly reducing damage to the area where it deployed and minimizes the the destruction of property and possibly saves lives in the same process.


  • No Moving Parts
  • No Batteries to replace
  • No Maintenance required
  • Never needs a break or vacation
  • Always on Duty, standing by 24-hours a day, 7-days a week
  • 15-year Shelf-Life before the recommended replacement

The investment with a 15-year shelf life it amounts to less than the coins you left in the couch cushions today!

Scroll Down to see the decorative colors that blend the American FireGuard into your home or office decor!

Perfect as a unique gift that is good looking enough to place on the coffee table or countertop and always on standby!


When higher visibility and quick location are key in a business, commercial or storage / garage setting is appropriate over decorative blending.

The Traditional American FireGuard in it's bright covering is easily recognizable for its purpose and so easy to use that even a child can toss it into a burning flame.

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The Mozaic

Never has pure function been so decorative!

The uniqueness of the American FireGuard having no way to be falsely activated allows you to place it out in the open in any room of your house! This is something a traditional canister fire extinguisher would never be able to do and blend in so well!

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Antique Chic

This classic pattern shows your adherence to you sense of style and safety!

The Antique Chic will almost qualify as an antique when you replace it after its 15-year shelf life expires.

The only maintenance the American FireGuard may require with such a beautiful wrapper is an occasional dusting!

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Thoughts to Consider.........

Do you or a loved one live in a Modular Home, Mobile Trailer, Manufactured Home?

Did you know that most only have smoke detectors and there are no provisions for a sprinkler system to be added or built into the home?

These homes can engulfed in mere minutes. The innovation of a self-activated fire extinguisher which is the feature of American FireGuard, nobody has to be present to operate the extinguisher. With a traditional extinguisher it needs a human to operate the canister. If American FireGuard Extinguishers are placed in the areas where in fires are typically generated the chances of minimizing damages and saving lives increases greatly.

This is a major reason for the owners of American Central Force Protection to seek out products like this to allow us to increase our offerings of Public Safety Devices to save lives.

Our commitment to the cause of protection of the public drives us to look into innovations and improvements in current technologies and to find affordable products and systems to offer at large.