When it comes to Security Officers, Electronic Security Countermeasures, Private Investigations, Cyber Security, K9 Security Detection Teams and Executive Protection, there are many common questions that we have assembled here to try to answer, to give you more insight and perspective, but there are still many more questions out there that we will certainly endeavor to satisfy. In the meantime check out the examples below to see if your answer is here, but feel free to ask your questions as well.

Are your security officers licensed?

Yes, our security personnel are fully licensed in compliance with the state in which they are assigned meeting the training and testing requirements to achieve that license.

Do you have training for your officers?

Yes, American Central Force Protection actually has an administrator designated for training and making sure our security officers are current in the world of security. After the initial security academy training  we take them further through an internal system exclusive to American Central Force Protection that trains them beyond the basics with ongoing training through a series of self study programs form outside sources and internally from courses and lessons written by our experts in our administration and ranks. Our officers receive these topics monthly through our newsletter and interoffice communications system, keeping them up to date. American Central Force Protection requires that each officer log in and submit their answers to any topic that included a quiz afterward to ensure compliance and retention of the information.

Do you have Armed Security Officers?

Yes, we offer a fully array of security services including armed security officers. The difference is that most of are former law enforcement whenever possible and if not law enforcement they must have 3 years of armed postings experience and a verified records check conducted by our investigators. They must also go to the gun range with our administrators who are NRA certified instructors to prove their proficiency and safe handling of a weapon.