Black Team

Black Team / Tactical Team

Black Team / Tactical Teams are specialists in high risk situations such as response in the aftermath of a natural disaster such as floods or hurricanes where the power-grid or municipal infrastructure is compromised.

Black Team members are also the primary officers assigned to be our Private School Resource Officers because of their ability to react responsively and decisively to an Active Shooter and to end the threat as quickly as possible, minimizing the damage and loss of life potential. With their elite service training and background the members of the Black Team are the first responders to a dangerous situation and the ones to protect and evacuate those trapped in the situation.

After a disaster, natural or human-made, Black Team is sent in to quell and maintain order in areas where looting and other criminal activity is prevalent or has high potential in the imminent future.

Black Team has protective gear and use quasi-police/military tactics to establish a secure zone around the client target.

Black Team remains until the threat level is reduced or cleared and order is restored and then Green Team is their relief to remain and allow the community to reenter the area as resume normal daily life.