Active Shooter & Gunshot Detection Lockdown System

The most adept Active Shooter Gunshot Detection Technology on the market today to improve Public Safety at Schools, Work, Hospitals, Malls, Resorts, Churches and wherever people gather.

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AFG Fireball

FireGuard - Automatic Fire Depolyment Extinguisher

Fire Safety Technology takes a leap forward with a Fire Extinguisher that only has to be tossed or located near a fire to deploy!

Home - Trailer Home - Condo - School - Church - Auto - Camping

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Self Contained CCTV System (No Trenching)

Self-Powered, Self-Contained, No Trenching, Self Streaming in Real-Time Outdoor CCTV System

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So much more than just Guards!

American Central Force Protection - Emergency Automated Gunshot & Lockdown (EAGL) System

is a fully automated active shooter response system. EAGL uses science developed by the Department of Energy to analyze waveform and energy level to discern a firearm has been discharged and to prevent false alarms.

This zero false read DUAL VALIDATION TECHNOLOGY will automatically lock down soft target areas within seconds. The building layout shows the shooter location with ballistic data and immediately notifies law enforcement and other emergency responders through email and text messages.

EAGL can also integrate with facility access control, live streaming IP cameras, public address, mass communication, and local emergency notification systems. These functions are performed, automatically and autonomously, all within seconds of a detected threat event.

Modern Wrap

FireGuard - Automatic Fire Depolyment Extinguisher

If your house came with a kitchen and a laundry room, you need to read on from here!

Most fires happen because of incidents in and around the home that contribute the elements needed for a fire through negligence and a busy life.

We forget to clean all the lint in our dryers, we walk away from the stove while cooking and may not have been thorough in cleaning out what spilled in the bottom of the oven.

We neglect to re-charge or re-certify the fire extinguisher we keep in the kitchen or laundry room at home.

We keep oily rags in the garage and store our just used lawn mower near where we keep it's gas can.

We go out and leave the coffee maker on or the clothes iron, hair straightener and the list goes on...........

Bottom line is we get caught up in life and can neglect details like turning items that generate heat off.

If we had a FireGuard Fireball placed, hanging or sitting in proximity to any of these potential hazards, we could avert and avoid complete catastrophe and save a life, your own or others and your property. Better to paint one smoke damaged wall area versus the entire house destroyed.

FireGuard has a 15year shelf life and doesn't need you there to activate or deploy it!

It's activated by the extreme heat or flames of the fire itself and has the ability to cover an area of 1000 cu ft, roughly (1) FireGuard Fireball can effectively cover a 10 x 10 room.

So a bedroom with a candle that the cat knocked over, or the hair iron in the bathroom can use one FireGuard and the whole room can be spared maximum damage by its ability to deploy and disperse the extinguishing powder within the area.

Peace of Mind and an extra level of safety and security for you and your family.

American Central Force Protections Self-Contained & Self Powered CCTV System

In order to address the needs of our clients and in our pursuit of the best technologies to enhance public safety and defense of property American Central Force Protection found the solution to having CCTV coverage for remote and utility scarce areas of your property.

That dark area at the back of your building, your neighborhood park, your pool area or back alley, construction site where utilities are not yet installed, these are all now easily covered by our V5 System.

Here how it works!

Our system deploys a self contained CCTV Camera recording to an encased DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with a Terabyte of storage enough to record for more than 30 days before rewriting over the storage blocks, and powered by a solar panel that continuously recharges the on-board batteries that can run the system for almost a week of complete darkness before failing and the ability to stream live video in real-time through the cloud to any smart device that is password logged-in to the server.

Got all that! It records and plays back through solar power and doesn't require any outside power source like electrical wires. That also means its portable and when its job is done on one area it can be easily moved and reinstalled at its next area, usually in less than an hour.

That is amazing in itself, you can set up on a post or pole and begin watching over your property within an hour on average, after the tech arrives to install it.

It has infrared lenses and offers coverage 24-hours a day.

By streaming in real-time that means your security officers that patrol the property can view the system in real-time from the patrol car/SUV and be alerted to incidents "in progress" and be able to react and respond as well as summon police/medical or fire rescue sooner, saving property, lives and offering peace of mind and greater public safety in the process.

That makes this system invaluable to any property, residential, commercial or construction.

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