Security Guard Patrol Services & Electronic Technology Services

American Central Force Protection Services offers full security services and beyond.

We integrate the combination of human and electronic security methods to protect your business - home - place of worship - community with real world plans of action that deliver a level of safety and security that you can count on anytime and anywhere by a company with national reach and local attention to your needs.

We offer Gunshot Detection Systems that locate an Active Shooter and even identifies the caliber of weapon fired.

We offer portable / self powered / no-trenching needed CCTV Units that just need mounting and solar energy to record up to 30 days and stream real-time through the cloud to any smart device or computer anywhere in the world.

We offer Sky-Dome a drone detection and countermeasure system that Alerts, Tracks and Defends against hostile intent Drone operation within a restricted air-space, with the means to capture the hostile drone for identification and study as to the design intent and threat level of the operator.

We offer K9 Teams trained for Explosive Device Detection who operate non-aggressive breed canines that are crowd social and conduct public safety and freight sweeps in a passive mode.

We offer Magnetometer archways and bag and wand sweeps to keep unwanted weapons and contraband out of office buildings and venues.

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Licensed Security Officers / Security Guards Armed and or Unarmed

Many security companies offer Armed and Unarmed Security Officers but few go through the time and expense to make sure they are screened and trained for their assignment as well as American Central Force Protection does. Our officers go through an extensive background investigation first by our in-house investigators pre-employment, then by the FBI and National Crime Computer with electronic fingerprints and record checks before they even put on the uniform.

ACFP Officers also go through our internal training and on-going training sessions, through self-study and guided-study formats where they are instructed and then tested to ascertain their retention of the information on the presented materials and lessons.

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Executive Protection Teams VIP Escort Protection Team

American Central Force Protection Services offers Executive Protection Teams and VIP Protection teams to corporations and venues where celebrities, political figures and heads of state.

Many of the Executive Protection Team Members hold or have held top clearances to grant access and participation to be on teams that have them in direct contact with current and former US Presidents, other Heads of State and World Leaders in their visits to American venues to appear or give keynote speeches.

Our team leaders can handle all the needs from transportation to and from a venue as well as arranging a single limo to an entire motorcade.

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American Central Force Protection

Our mission is to exceed our client's expectations.

Since 2005, American Central Force Protection has provided our clients with licensed security officers, security consultants, K9 teams and electronic security/surveillance services.

Our owners have over 100 years of combined experience to include, government, law enforcement, military and career security service. This experience is applied in our approach to security and our selection of staff. We hire many law enforcement officers for our high level protection teams and go through the effort of screening candidates to match the postings.

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  • EXT 800
    • Uniformed Security Patrol
    • Executive Protection Services
  • EXT 801
    • Administration Services – Executive Team
  • EXT 802
    • Safety & Technologies Division
      • Outdoor No-Trench CCTV
      • Active Shooter Tracker / Gunshot Detection System
      • SkyDome Drone Detection and Countermeasure Systems
      • Self Deployed Fire Extinguisher Device (Fireballs)
  • EXT 803
    • Finance Department Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
  • EXT 804
    • Training Services
      • Active Shooter
      • Assailant Seminars
      • Situational Awareness
      • Close Combat Defensive Tactics
      • Tactical Firearms
      • Baton & Handcuffing
      • Close Protection Officer

        • Close Hand to Hand Combat
        • Close Quarters Firearms
        • Executive Driver
        • Security Assessment and Sweep Training
        • K9 Team Ups

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